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Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride (TBAF)

Lingde Chemicals’ Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride 98% (TBAF) represents the purity, precision and power of a dry source of fluoride for organic reaction systems. LINGDE offers TBAF in a trihydrate form, which is readily soluble in the common medium THF
Key Attributes and Features of TBAF
▼Availability in trihydrate form (TBAF * 3H2O) for minimum water content for applications requiring "anhydrous" fluoride
▼Easily soluble in organic solvents as opposed to other sources of fluoride (such as KF/crown); TBAF's solubility will allow design of appropriate reaction systems
▼"Anhydrous" source of fluoride; the lack of significant amounts of water leaves the fluoride "naked", or accessible, and much more reactive
▼Unique base and non-nucleophilic properties of TBAF can be used in basecatalyzed cyclizations and conjugate additions
▼Si-F bonding, one of the strongest single bonds known; TBAF in dry THF can desilylate TBDMS (tert-butyldimethylsilyl)-protected alcohols
Experience the precision and power of unique base and non-nucleophilic properties in your organic reaction with Lingde Chemicals’ Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride 98% (TBAF).

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Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride Trihydrate(TBAF)



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